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Q. Does it cost money to enroll at SAVA?
A.  No, SAVA is a tuition free, public charter school. Enrollment is open to all students free of charge.
Q. When can I enroll at SAVA?
A. SAVA has open enrollment throughout the entire year. You can enroll at any time. Just visit or call one of our locations and speak to a SAVA team member to get started. If you are a new student, complete our New Student Enrollment Form (insert link here) and someone will call you to set up an orientation appointment.
Q. Can I enroll at SAVA if I am 18 or have been out of school for an extended period of time?
A. Yes, any student in grades 7-12 can enroll at SAVA any time prior to their 19th birthday. A student may continue to be enrolled at SAVA past the age of 18 as long as he or she maintains good attendance and academic standing with the school.