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Enrollment packets may be picked up at a campus office in your area. Individual orientation appointments will be set for each student upon your visit. Completed enrollment packets are to be returned during your orientation appointment.
Students newly enrolled at SAVA attend school four days a week for the first three weeks. Once students successfully complete this three week onboarding process, they are given the freedom to create a more independent, flexible on-campus schedule. 
During this three week period, students spend time completing class assignments in order to be on track to earn all their semester credits and receive specialized lessons. These lessons are geared towards preparing students to be independent while teaching them crucial skills for success, which include note-taking, critical thinking, schedule creation, and goal setting. If students are deemed ready for an independent study model, they may create a more flexible on campus schedule. If they are not ready for a flexible schedule, they are referred to the intervention process to address individual barriers to their success as an independent learner. 
Onboarding has created a fundamental shift in the way SAVA approaches new students and has had an equally powerful impact on our students’ attitudes towards school and their ability to achieve success. This program has been in place since August of 2019 and is now replicated at all SAVA schools.