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Love Teacher Guide SAVA logoTeen Leadership is a program in which students develop leadership, professional, and business skills. They learn to develop a healthy self-concept, healthy relationships, and learn to understand the concept of personal responsibility. Students will develop an understanding of Emotional Intelligence and the skills it measures, which include self-awareness, self-control, self-motivation, and social skills. Students will develop skills in public speaking and communication and an understanding of personal image. They will develop an understanding of the concept of principle-based decision-making and an understanding of the need for vision in goal-setting, personally and professionally.
Students will have the opportunity at each SAVA site to participate, collaborate and plan many school events, including raising awareness of current issues or encouraging school spirit. Members will develop and implement service projects to address needs in their community. Students learn about diversity and acceptance to enable all to find a place where everyone is welcome.
In the past Leadership students have had the opportunity to participate in:
• College and Career Fairs
• Student Appreciation Nights
• Field trips
• Running the student store
• National Teen Leadership Institutes
• Movie & game nights
• Fundraising
• Food and clothing drives
• Summer Leadership Camp
• SAVA Enrollment events
• Plus whatever else students decide they want to be a part of!!!
If interested please complete the Leadership application below, and speak to the Leadership teacher at your site!
Leadership Teachers

Leadership Teachers

Site Name Email
SAVA - Elk Grove Mrs. Caro
SAVA - Power Inn Mrs. Theroux